Modern design in traditional houses

Our world today has drastically changed from back in the 20th century, all sorts of machinery with the help of technology have been invented to make work easier for human beings, however traditional ways of carrying out tasks are fading and very few parts of it have been preserved. Architecture has been broken down into many categories to fit the lifestyle of people in a particular place at a particular time. The two main ways of recognizing these are; Modern architecture and traditional architecture. Modern architecture is known as the movement of architecture that began in the 20th century, it is also architecture that is characterized by the simplification of forms and subtraction of ornaments, modern architecture can be some of the most futuristic, colorful, innovative designs ever. Modern architecture these days there are so many materials that architects can use to create different effects on buildings.

the traditional flooring choice

While it is not as soft as carpet, the traditional flooring choice, hardwood is still a warm, welcoming feature when used as a floor surface in the rooms. Its natural beauty, its durability, and its ability to stand the test of time, both under duress, and when matched with shifting styles and vogues, makes it a wonderful material for a serene and settled location.

staircase under space design

Fans of the Harry Potter saga would know that he slept in a room under the stairs, a place where normal folks use as closet space. As these 8 examples will show you, there is more than one way to use the space under the stairs, and while they are not to house a teen wizard, that space, no matter how little, can be put to more practical use.

Traditional architecture in now days

Traditional architecture is a category of architecture based on local needs and construction materials, and reflecting local traditions.

Uses for Glass in Interior Design

Often interior design is focused on seeking emptiness. When we clean up the house we seek it to be empty, of impurities, of what is unnecessary and of what is superfluous. Glass is an element that helps us to achieve this goal of creating an empty space.